A short biography of Shakespeare

Shakespeare: The Globe Theatre

Shakespeare: Iambic Pentameter, the Beat of the 16th Century

Shakespeare: Original pronunciation

David Tennant trying to teach Shakespeare to Lauren Cooper.

Blackadder and the Scottish play

Benedict Cumberbatch declameert de monoloog “All the world’s a stage” uit As You Like It

Kim Cattrall reading Sonnet 1 ‘From fairest creatures we desire increase’

Noma Dumezweni reading Sonnet 117 ‘Accuse me thus: that I have scanted all’

David Tennant reading Sonnet 18 ‘Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day’


Patrick Stewart reading Sonnet 19 ‘Devouring time, blunt thou the lion’s paws’

Stephen Fry reading Sonnet 130 ‘My mistress’ eyes are nothing like the sun’


Nathan Stewart-Jarrett reading Sonnet 140 ‘Be wise as thou art cruel, do not press’