when to use some and any

in affirmative sentencesThere are some biscuits left.
in questions where the answer ‘yes’ is expectedCould I have some attention, please?
in offers and requestsWould you like some wine?
in negative sentences (+ NOT) There isn’t any cheese left.
with ‘negative’ words such as hardly, barely, scarcely, never, etc.There is hardly any cheese left. (= almost no)
in questions where the answer can be ‘yes’ or ‘no’Have you got any money?
some and any both mean the same thing: a certain number, a certain amount
  • some and any are used before plural or uncountable nouns.
  • the choice between someone / anyone, something / anything, somebody / anybody, somewhere / anywhere is the same as between some and any.
  • an affirmative sentence does not contain not/n’t and is not a question.


some or any

something / anything, someone / anyone, somewhere / anywhere, etc.

  • exercise 1: fill in something, anything, someone, anyone, somewhere, anywhere
  • exercise 2: fill in anybody / somebody / nobody (not anyone / someone / anyone)
  • exercise 3: choose any/some, someone/anyone, something/anything, somewhere/anywhere