affirmative negative (+ NOT) interrogative (+ ?)
3rd person singular he/she/it works he/she/it doesn’t work does he/she/it work?
other persons I/you/we/they work  I/you/we/they don’t work   do I/you/we/they work?


Simple Present (I go, he goes) in affirmative sentences (elementary)

  • exercise 1: fill in the simple present in affirmative sentences (various exercises)
  • exercise 2: fill in the correct form
  • exercise 3: choose the correct verb form
  • exercise 4: fill in the correct form

Yes/no questions  (do you go? en does he go?) (elementary)

Do and does (elementary)

  • exercise 1: choose between do or does
  • exercise 2: choose between do or does
  • exercise 3: choose between do, does, don’t or doesn’t
  • exercise 4: choose between don’t or doesn’t
  • exercise 5: choose between do, does, don’t or doesn’t

The Simple Present Tense in affirmative, negative and interrogative sentences (He goes, He doesn’t go, Does he go?)

 Useful pages

  • exercises for practising am, is and are
  • exercises for practising the Simple Present (I go) and Present Continuous (I am going)
  • exercises for practising short yes/no answers in the present tense