affirmativenegative (+ NOT)interrogative (+ ?)
3rd person singular he/she/it works he/she/it doesn’t work does he/she/it work?
other persons I/you/we/they work  I/you/we/they don’t work   do I/you/we/they work?


Simple Present (I go, he goes) in affirmative sentences (elementary)

Yes/no questions  (do you go? en does he go?) (elementary)

Do and does (elementary)

The Simple Present Tense in affirmative, negative and interrogative sentences (He goes, He doesn’t go, Does he go?)

 Useful pages

  • exercises for practising am, is and are
  • exercises for practising the Simple Present (I go) and Present Continuous (I am going)
  • exercises for practising short yes/no answers in the present tense