Use and form

Demonstratives: when to use them.

  near not near
singular this that
plural these  those

Exercises demonstratives (this, that, these and those)

  • exercise 1: choose this, that, these or those
  • exercise 2: fill in this, that, these or those
  • exercise 3: three exercises for practising this, that, these and those
  • exercise 4: choose this, that, these or those
  • exercise 5: fill in this, that, these or those
  • exercise 6: fill in the plural form of this / that and change the verb form
  • exercise 7: choose this, that, these or those
  • exercise 8: fill in this, that, these or those
  • exercise 9: an exercise for practising this / these and an exercise for practising that / those
  • exercise 10: fill in this, that, these or those

Useful pages

  • exercises for practising relative pronouns (who(m)/ whose/ which/ that, etc)
  • exercises for practising possessive pronouns (my/ mine/ of mine etc.)
  • exercises for practising personal pronouns (I/ me/ you/ he/ him, etc.)
  • exercises for practising interrogative pronoun (who, what, which, etc.)
  • exercises for practising reflexive pronouns (myself/ yourself, etc)

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